Reference Guides

It is one of the requirements of Tshwane University of Technology for academic writing. It is one of the ways to ensure academic integrity when writing your manuscript. Academic integrity refers to the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles as a student of Tshwane University of Technology.

Prevents plagiarism Tshwane University of Technology has a policy on plagiarism that applies to you. Be sure to read the policy. It enables the reader of your manuscript to:
  • Distinguish between your own ideas and the ideas and research of others,
  • Verify the validity of your use of the ideas and research of others and follow up on the ideas and research of others as a matter of interest.
  • Demonstrates that you are able to use reliable sources and,
  • Critically assess the sources in support of the ideas put forward in your manuscript and draw your own conclusions
  • Establishes creditability and authority of your own ideas and knowledge.
There are many referencing styles that vary according to discipline. Your lecturer/supervisor will indicate what style you must use.
 Tshwane University of Technology uses the styles adopted by Monash University.

A list of the styles can be accessed by clicking on the URLs below: